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Graphic design pushes me to be bold and to think outside of the box from standard instructional layouts. Consider the following example. 

The e-Learning module that I created here is specifically made to teach film, television, and media studies. The system is designed to mimic an old television set. My department at Tisch works closely with a company called Smashcut which delivers online filmmaking programs for students. I took them into consideration but wanted to push the boundaries and think in terms of a retro nostalgic version. While designing, I took inspiration from sources such as Nam June Paik, Theo Eshetu, and David Cronenberg's Videodrome. The layout and composition of TV sets are classic, clear, and simple. It also makes me think back to the original Instagram logo/model. Building on this imagery and these concepts, I would want to modernize this for e-Learning and I would like for the medium to be reflected in the design where possible. The design was created in Adobe Photoshop.


Theo Eshetu

Nam June Paik

David Cronenberg's Videodrome


The main skeleton of this layout is based off of three columns and four hanglines. Three columns help me envision the structure of a television set better, not only that, but it helps me visualize the rule-of-thirds more efficiently. I wanted to keep in line with the rule-of-thirds, primarily because it is a concept strongly used in cinematography and filmmaking as well. Expanding upon the rule-of-thirds I wanted to employ the golden ratio more. I wanted to stick to three colors, the brown being my main color, adding in an extra texture of wood to evoke the color and surface of an old television set, I used mustard yellow to generate a vintage 1970s theme, and the purple color is an accent. Thinking towards the CUNY system, this accent color would change based off the school that uses the system, here I used Hunter College as an example, so purple was my main accent color.

Final Design

Final Design

Login Screen

Initial Screen

Content Screen

Content Screen 2 Home-Cinema View

Content Screen 3 Discussion View

Assignment View

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