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Learning Sciences

I'm a big fan of theoretical thinking. Even more enamored of learning about how we learn from one another and from technology.

As someone who minored in philosophy and sociology in college and went on to delve deep into film theory, I gravitate easily towards theoretical frameworks and how to apply them to both our personal daily lives as well as more microscopic instances. Below I wanted to share my mind map detailing prior knowledge from philosophy, sociology, and film and how they relate to the growing Learning Sciences field today. Much like my type AB personality, it's messy but organized, color coded by themes, knowledge overlapping, old and new into clusters of information. 

For my term project in Learning Sciences, I focused on investigating how learning happens through a social constructivist lens in a digital environment such as Discord's Philosophy Cafe. From the qualitative data I compiled, I was led to a better understanding of how individuals learn outside of the classroom and how social interaction has the ability to enhance analytical reasoning skills that might lead to strong adoption of secondary discourse.

Drumline (2002) Dir. Charles Stone III

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