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My favorite art form. Cinema teaches us about life and expands our world view. I've written and spoken about film and worked in the industry. Find out more below.


The Film as Essay: Jafar Panahi's Search for Self in This is not a Film

Published in Jump Cut  no. 56 (Winter 2014-2015) & presented at San Francisco State University Quiet Revolutions: Politically Subversive Cinema, October 2014

Remembering Iran's 2009 Through Ali Samadi Ahadi's The Green Wave

Published in CineAction no. 97 (Winter 2016) & presented at University of Toronto Visible Evidence Conference XXII, August 2015

Industry Work

Documentary Lab


Pro Panels Associate


Industry Coordinator + PA

Spotlight on Documentaries



  • Tribeca Film Festival
  • Democracy Now!
  • Women Make Movies
  • American Documentary | POV
  • Link TV/Link Media Inc.

Screening Committees

  • Sundance Collab
  • American Documentary | POV
  • The Gotham (formerly IFP)
  • Los Angeles Film Festival
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